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Relics of the Post Age champions the effort of others working to preserve and promote letterwriting. We are not alone. The following is a short list of quality correspondence-related websites floating untethered in cyberspace.

  So There   An open forum for people seeking closure. This lovely site publishes
  letters submitted by its visitors. Updated daily.

  Open Letters   A "magazine of first person writing in the form of personal
  correspondence." No longer publishes new letters, but the 100 or so
  REAL letters in their archive (like Jonathan Goldstein's "on an old flame"
  for instance) are very entertaining.

  wendy.com   An impressive index of sites that pertain to "letters, letter-writing, and
  other intimate discourse."

  U.S. Postal Service   Buy stamps. Mail things.

  Griffin and Sabine   The official website for Nick Bantock's beautifully illustrated works of
  epistolary fiction.

  Dictionary.com   Good spelling is one thing. Good usage is critical.
  Multiple definitions and an excellent thesaurus right at your

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Bob from Accounting
News satire... according to Bob.

  ze's page   Internet home to a man named ze. A site brimming with eccentric comedy bits.
  Zthing.com   Lots of green and bizarre interactive modules.
  All Access:// MFP   Underground rock legend or spoof? You decide.
  None More Comic   A webzine by Baynard Russell. Odd bunny cartoons.
  Wonderful Comics   Swedish comic webzine. Issue 08 features two Relics specimens.

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